Liverpool's new breed for 2012 - the artists to watch and listen out for on Merseyside

By Peter Guy on Jan 6, 12 10:00 AM in Introducing

Getintothis' Peter Guy on the new music talent which is set to shape 2012 in Liverpool.

1. Loved Ones

Last year Getintothis racked up around 4.7million plays of Outfit while whisking our way round the Northern line on Merseyrail. In 2012 there's a good chance Loved Ones could follow suit.

From the moment we heard debut single, Are You Hiding Out In Hell, we were hooked, and the delights within debut album The Merry Monarch are vast; a ragtag sprawl of enigmatic future-folk which captures Yeasayer's playful verve before adding a spoonful of venom and a whole heap of nagging riffs.
Key track All Your Cry has a melody to die for and is already a contender for track of the year while their Everisland Kazimier date on January 13 with Capac, Hive Collective and Sun Drums is a must.
As the name suggests, these are the ones to truly love.

HI-PRESSURE by LovedOnes

2. Jethro Fox

Two month ago, my buddy Jon Hillcock messages me, 'Know anything about this Liverpool kid called Jethro?' 'Vaguely,' we reply, with more than a touch of exaggeration.
Two weeks later we're finishing our quite frankly audacious dessert of white chocolate and cranberry cheesecake in Puschka, when the waiter asks if we'd listen to his track.

It was called Before. By Jethro Fox. Jon's always on the money.

Before by Jethro Fox

3. Ninetails

Like Jethro, Ninetails have an association with LIPA. They like so many of the recent crop are changing stale stereotypess of Macca's arts school by not just bringing incredible music to the table but by mixing it up and working within the scene.
Ninetails played several key dates during November's Liverpool Music Week and their support slot with Three Trapped Tigers was quite possibly the set of the festival.

Remarkable musicianship married to a giveafuck attitude had us won over within minutes.

Ghost Ride the Whip by ninetails//

4. Big Effigy

Not so much a new face, but George Maund is always worth keeping an firmly-trained eye on.
Like the more established Ex-Easter Island Head big chief, Benjamin Duvall, Maund or whatever moniker he's assumed this week, is frankly a unique talent and professor of music.

Back from touring Europe with Stig Noise Soundsystem and after what seems like the now aborted Mother Earth (drummer, and key cog Jacob's move to St Martin's College curtailed what was an incredible proposition), it's left to Maund to shape-shift into a new guise.

What form that takes can only be worth investigating.

Lapwing (Big Effigy Mid-Fi Overhaul) by Big Effigy

5. Dassunser

New one this. And lick-your-lips exciting too. About time Liverpool had some fluffed up DFA-meets-kraut electro and this is just the ticket.

Details are scarce about the trio but we'll be able to find out more when this Harvest Sun corker at Mello Mello happens. More on 'em here.

Kittens (Mashemix) by Dassunser

Kings and Queens by Dassunser

6. Faded Gold

Getintothis and Stef Chew go way back. Like, pre-myspace. That she's ventured into sound is of no surprise. That it's this good isn't really either.

If she can put on gigs and make a go of it, well, that'd be something. We waxed lyrical back in August, since then she's retreated into the ether. But magic takes time.

Velvet Crush by FadedGold

7. The Temps

Hardly a new name, Getintothis was championing their raging ferocity two years ago, but The Temps are still one of the youngest bands on the block - and they're also one of the best.

Recent line-up changes and a desire to harness that unnerving live presence has sparked a new-found ambition while support for the likes of The Fall and studio collaboration with Wave Machines can only have helped bring an added dimension to their sound. Let's hope The Temps deliver on that early promise.

The Temps - Soup by AudioApocalypse

8. Jazzhands

The last time we saw George and the 'Hands they were riding the escalators at Central Station dressed as assorted vegetables. It seemed somewhat natural for a band that trades Hella and Lightning Bolt with John Coltrane.
Turned out they were filming their video.


JazzHands by JazzHands Inc

9. MC Sas and Sleep Less Studios

Not so much an artist, MC Sas, (or Curtis to his mates) is a one-man tune banger and studio boss, churning out razor-edged grime, garage and general bass-orientated thudders left, right and centre.
Teaming up with the city's long-established indie Viper record label, Sas and his cats are making some of the hottest urban cuts in a damn good while.

03 Kumarachi - Chrysalis (1) by Sleep Less Records Uk

10. Dan Croll

Bit of a cop out this, as Daniel is HUGE in terms of been there, done that, is going somewhere fast.
That said, there's plenty of folk out there that won't have invested time into the boy most likely to put Liverpool on the map in a BIG way in the next 18 months.
Intuitive, sideways pop with that rare gift for getting under your skin, there's a reason he's been shown round the corridors of power at major label offices.
It's also lovely that such a talent is backed by one of the most humble and genuinely lovely dudes you could hope to meet.

Getintothis on Dan Croll.

ps: We're not his PR.

Dan Croll - Little One (Demo) by dancrollmusic

11. Crystal Eyes

Another fresh off the shelf, unknown quantity, Mr Eyes tells us via his soundcloud, 'Brought up in Southwark, live on the Wirral, go to Brookes, got a mad thing for Burial. enjoy x'

We enjoyed, muchly.

Latest tracks by crystal eyes

12. Salem Rages

Fresh from the wreckage of the fabulously underrated Cold Ones and SSS, this lot tap into earthy scuzz and jazz it up with a penchant for dressing up and adopting names such as Sunday Mourning and Roman Remains.
Which'd be a bit daft were they not such a hoot.

Salem Rages - The Curtain fall by romanremains

13. The Formula and Milk.

The hotbed of new talent, rehearsal space and underground creative team that is Milk have been building up a reputation for sometime now - and The Formula possible represent the best of the bunch.

Formula - The New Thing by Milk:Presents

14. Spitting Cobra

Getintothis has only managed to catch Spitting Cobra the once, but it was an almighty occasion. Like other new Behind The Wall Of Sleep brethren, (namely Mind Mountain), they specialise in noise, power and maximum intensity.
Where they differ is there's few cliches and pastiche pitfalls to fall into which several of their peers tend to wallow in - indeed, Spitting Cobra are so embroiled in their art they don't seem to know how good they are and what an exhilarating proposition they can be.

Dave Crow

15. Sun Drums

Last, and by no means least, Sun Drums are included by virtue of being the great big question mark of Merseyside music - will they, won't they?
There's little doubting their talent, expertise or appetite for music but getting all three of them in one room on a regular basis - and hoping they truly nail it - is becoming more of a task.
Their debut eponymous EP showcased everything we know and love about the band formerly known as Bagheera. But like Egyptian Hip Hop, the band Sun Drums supported back in March 2010, we're still waiting for those final pieces of the jigsaw to click firmly into place.
Fingers crossed. We know they can do it.



A. Musician said:

The pulse
Peter Guy's finger

Jonas Hamann said:

You should have signed off A. Bitter Musician.

Top list, Peter, so much good stuff there - loads I'd not heard of, will check out now. Loved Ones are sick.

An observer said:

What would you suggest A. Musician? Genuinely, Pete's pretty spot on here.

(*Awaits list of boringly retrogressive lad-rock bands*).

Luis Suarez's Made-up Grandfather said:

A. Musician is clearly bitter because his, or a friends band wasn't included on this list

Blogobvious said:

I've seen Clever Little Tramps 4 times and they are turning heads everywhere, maybe too new to be on this list but outstanding all the that space!

blogobvious said:

I've seen Clever Little Tramps a few times and they're turning heads everywhere...maybe too new to be on this list but outstanding all the same....i asked the singer if the had and recorded music and he said "2nd week in january..ill send you a disc or 5"....check em out on FB

SLAP! said:

CLEVER LITTLE TRAMPS....maybe too fresh but acousticarama!

Gordon Ramsey's fish monger said:

amazing list.

A. Musician sort your head, put your real name and then at least name the band you're in and lets have a listen.

Put your money where your mouth is.

Jake said:

Great list, not heard any of these apart from Dan Croll.
A. Musician - get a grip mate, try saying which bands you're in and stepping up.

I don't even know how I ended up here, but I thought this post was good. I do not know who you are but definitely you are going to a famous blogger if you aren't already ;) Cheers!

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